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3D Studio MAX stuff:

download the video here:  3DSTerrainSmall.avi (5.51 MB)

     I made this rendering in 3D Studio MAX R3.  It's a very cool program, if you haven't used it before, I would recommend picking it up.  I found a few textures on as well as that biplane you see there.  

This rendering includes:

  • 165,000 polys
  • 13 objects
  • 1 light source (the sun)
  • 6 materials
  • Reflective surfaces on the water and the plane
  • Animated water with waves upon waves (uses bumpmapping)
  • Distance Fog

Coming soon:

  • Smoke effect from engine on biplane
  • Motion blur on spinning propeller
  • A lighthouse
  • Softened shadows

     When I finish this scene, I will make the .3DS file and .MAX file available for download.

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